Privacy Policy

Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings, Inc. and its group of companies (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") fully utilizes its function as a technology distributor in the fields of electronics and information communications, to cultivate global suppliers in addition to providing planning and development, marketing, sales, technical support and communication services for products. The Company is conscious of its important duty to carry out proper management of large volumes of personal information relating to customers, customers, shareholders and employees acquired through these activities. The Company is continually employing measures to protect personal information based on the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

※The Group consists of Macnica, Inc., Macnica Networks Corp. and other affiliates.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Company has established internal rules and regulations with respect to protection of personal information.
    These rules, as set forth in the Company's employee manual, are intended to educate and train all Company employees.
  2. When the Company requests personal information from any party, the use of such information will be clearly defined, and the Company will seek to limit the use in accordance with the purpose for which it is requested.
  3. The Company does not disclose personal information of any person to a third party without such person's consent or unless such disclosure is required by a court order, or administrative or judicial body.
  4. The Company's security measures are intended to limit the risk of unauthorized access to personal information (including loss, destruction, alteration or leak of any personal information) and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. The Company continuously strives to improve its program to protect all personal information.
  5. Together with complying with the laws relating to personal information and other regulations, the Company is continually improving its personal information protection program.
  6. The Company has established a customer service center to address complaints and inquiries from customers regarding personal information and its personal information protection program.

The Company handles all personal information as follows

  1. Acquisition of Personal Information
    The Company acquires personal information by means that are lawful and proper.
    The Company may share personal information among Group companies for the purpose of providing comprehensive services of the Group.
    In the case of joint use, when obtaining personal information, the items of the personal information to be used jointly, the scope of the person to use jointly, the purpose of use of the person to use jointly, and the name or title of the person responsible for the management of the personal information shall be clearly indicated in advance.
  2. Personal information may include:
    • Business card information obtained through sales activities
    • Personal information of job seekers obtained through recruitment activities
    • Personal information of the Company's shareholders
    • Personal information of those who applied for and participated in seminars, events and exhibitions sponsored, co-hosted and exhibited by the Company
    • Personal information entered on Websites managed or outsourced by the Company and data such as viewed webpages
  3. The Company acquires personal information for the purposes set forth below:
    • To provide the Company's products and services
    • To introduce the Company's products and services
    • To invite the customer to attend seminars and exhibitions held (hosted, co-hosted, supported or sponsored) by the Company
    • To administrate the Company's stock
    • To recruit and select job applicants
    • To respond to inquiries or requests from the customer
    • For other purposes with prior customer consent
  4. The Company will not disclose personal information of any customer to a third party unless:
    • prior consent of the customer is obtained, or
    • it is necessary to provide such information to the manufacturer or supplier of products related to the customer's order including without limitation in connection with maintenance service agreements for products delivered to the customer or license agreements for software products delivered or made available to the customer
    • Cases based on laws and regulations, cases of protection of life and property, etc. (Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act)
  5. For disclosure of content, correction (including addition and deletion) or suspension of use of personal information provided to the Company, please contact "Contact regarding Personal Information".
  6. Outsourcing of handling of personal information
    We may outsource the handling of personal information obtained from the customer within the scope of the purpose of the use. The Company selects contractors that meet the Company's criteria for selection and supervises them to the extent necessary and appropriate.

Policy regarding use of Cookies and Web Beacons

Some of the Company's web pages use cookies and/or web beacons to provide better service to customers.

A particular individual cannot be identified with use of cookies unless the person inputs his or her personal information. Web beacons are designed to track customers' tendencies on a statistical basis and their use is not intended to identify particular individuals.

The use of Google Analytics

The Company’s websites use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc., for better customer experience and website content. Google Analytics uses the Company’s cookies to collect logs without any personally identifying information. The logs are managed under Google's privacy policy.

See below for detail of Google Analytics and the privacy policy of Google.
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